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We all like to hear about people experiencing good fortune after suffering so much in the way of bad fortune. They don’t get much better than hearing about good karma for burglary victims. In perhaps the best story of its kind, Kevin and Michcalif super lotto pluselle Jones, both in their 50s and from Crewe, were burgled twice at their home in Spain and were left with nothing. The two break ins meant they had to return to the UK and start all over again. Kevin returned to work, becoming a bus driver to make ends meet. Their life of hard work had gone in the space of just one weekend.

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"We may have political differences. We oppose each other. But at the same time, when the country is concerned, we should not do anything or say anything which will damage the country's image which our enemies will use and say this has been said in the Indian parliament.

Big winners on the night included one Spanish and two UK ticket holders who claimed the Match 5+1 award, and seven additional players who won a Match 5 prize worth €43,406 (₹3.2 billion). You can learn more about the prizes awarded in each tier on the EuroMillions game page.

This year has been a fantastic year for EuroMillions winners, particularly in the UK. Andy Carter, the National Lottery’s senior winners’ advisor commented on the recent win saying, “Just one week after a £15 million winner we now have another UK ticket holder banking a giant EuroMillions jackpot.”

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Leader of Opposition in the state assembly, Ramesh Chennithala, said the party had tried its best to include everyone and there are many able leaders who have not been given ticket for this election.

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