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Man’s best friend and now woman’s best friend, our four legged friends and guardians of our homes. Dogs and humans have co-existed for nearly 10,000 years living in true symbiosis. Yet despite our love for dogs, you wouldn’t automatically think that dogs could be responsible for several lottery wins – but several owners have done exactly that. The latest story of dogs credited with lottery wins is one told by a Nottinghamshire Great-Grandmother. How was the dog responsible?

The Ministry of Finance will soon launch a special plan that will greatly reduce the seller’s tax burden.

Buy PowerPlay correctly and multiply by 4 to get a cash profit of $40,000! A total of 357,646 tickets can be purchased with the PowerPlay level, and then multiplied by 4 to get a cash profit of $40,000!

If any area of the economy has grown during the pandemic, it is education. Not just academic education either, but leisure courses and business training. It is to this end that the National Lottery recently allocated some 88 artists based in Northern Ireland grants to deliver their own online courses. So many artists receiving national lottery funding have offered illustration and other art courses over the last few years. But now, they can offer their courses for free to children and adults. This helps both the artists who currently struggle for offline clients, and children and adults with little money to invest.

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A local man was charged with driving a pickup truck at high speed. He was later charged with motor vehicle homicide, manslaughter and other crimes. The charges were for being affected and leaving the scene.